N.C.Kattamis (Serbia Montenegro) LTD moving to new “SUBARU Center”

N.C. Kattamis (Serbia Montenegro) LTD, as the sole distributor of SUBARU in Serbia and Montenegro, and its subsidiary SUBARU za SCG, announced today that they have moved their sales and service operations in a new location in Belgrade, Serbia.

The address of the new location is Autoput za Zagreb 31, Beograd- Zemun. All other contact information remain the same temporarily but updates will be available on the official website (www.subaruserbia.com) and official social media.

The relocation of the SUBARU facilities comes with the purpose of developing the “SUBARU Center” that will serve the needs of the local customers and employees and reflects to the long-term commitment of expanding in the region of Serbia. Subaru will soon open a second showroom in Belgrade.

The “SUBARU Center” will begin to operate officially on the 1st of June 2019.

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