Laid out symmetrically, the SUBARU BOXER engine puts the crankshaft perfectly in line with the driveshaft for tremendous stability and dynamic agility. And the rear-wheel drive configuration allowed us to move the engine farther back and gives you precise control over your cornering attitude. We combined this agile platform with a newly designed quick-ratio steering system that’s tuned to react with astounding precision and immediacy to your input.

Low Centre of Gravity

We challenged ourselves to give the SUBARU BRZ as low a centre of gravity as possible, because that means the most exciting handling possible. Every element of the car, from the flat, horizontally-opposed engine design to the roofline to the seat positioning, help give the SUBARU BRZ one of the lowest centres of gravity of any mainstream vehicle available.

Light body

A well thought out design and the extensive use of high-tensile steel has helped reduce weight and at the same time made the chassis stiffer and more precise. In addition, an aluminum bonnet ensures less weight and shifted the focus down even further.

Performance Suspension

A fully independent suspension brings our every bit of agility and responsiveness the SUBARU BRZ has to offer. MacPherson type front struts help maximise rigidity and a feeling of direct control by allowing the SUBARU BOXER engine to be placed even lower in the chassis. And a double wishbone design rear soaks up bumps without sacrificing control.

Responsive Transmission

A 6-speed manual transmission helps you get fully engaged with driving, thanks to a short stroke and superb shift feel. The available 6-speed automatic features paddle shifters, downshift blipping control, and two distinct shift modes for performance that always suits your mood.

* Torsen is a registered trademark of JTEKT Corporation.

Torsen (*2) LSD

Exhilarating precision in every corner—that’s what sets a SUBARU BRZ apart. An advanced Torsen limited-slip differential—the same type of LSD found in the high-performance WRX STI—helps you stay on your line during a high-speed turn whilst enhancing your comfort and control on rough roads.

Information on fuel consumption and CO2 emissions in accordance with Directive 1999/94 / EC

Subaru BRZ

Subaru BRZ 2.0i Sport: fuel consumption in l / 100 km in town: 9.6; on the highway: 5.7; Combined: 7.1; CO2 emissions in g / km combined: 164; Efficiency class: E