Subaru’s commitment to the environment

SUBARU remains committed to designing the ideal balance between the needs of the environment and drivers of our cars. SUBARU has taken various different initiatives to deliver a better driving experience while using less energy, including engines and transmissions developed for outstanding efficiency, as well as the development of advanced devices that are easy on the environment. SUBARU will continue to build cars that offers drivers a greater level of driving enjoyment, while also operating in an environmentally-friendly manner.

A high-efficiency powertrain
with minimal waste

The powertrain has been engineered with high-efficiency in mind, to extract maximum power from minimum fuel, and transmit that power to the wheels.

Achieving a high level of safety
and lightweight design

Developing a lightweight design that improves fuel efficiency, without compromising on Subaru’s high safety standards.

Reducing unnecessary fuel consumption and exhaust gas emissions

Technical development has also focused on reducing exhaust gas emissions, as well as unnecessary fuel consumption caused when idling.

Enjoying the drive, while conserving the environmen

Ongoing efforts are being made for the development of eco-friendly devices that allow the driver to enjoy their journey, but also encourage them to be aware of their environmental impact.

Vehicle production with the environment in mind

Subaru is focused on lessening its environmental impact during every stage of vehicle production, by shifting to “zero-emission factories” that reduce waste generated at factories during the production process to zero, and actively recycling used cars.