Stability reassures on the road. But stability also offers agility that excites and inspires confidence. Subaru vehicles are gifted with a superior ability to put you in charge behind the wheel, thanks to the inherently stable design of Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive, which features the SUBARU BOXER Engine. The unique design of this system efficiently delivers power to all four wheels at all times for enhanced control on all roads and in poor conditions. It also allows the main components to be aligned longitudinally for excellent side-to-side balance and handling precision. What’s more, it creates a low centre of gravity for engaging responsiveness. The unique advantages of Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive make for exceptionally rewarding handling and empower you to better avoid danger.

VIDEO: Benefits of Symmetrical AWD

> VIDEO: Benefits of Symmetrical AWD

Subaru firmly believes that the Horizontally-Opposed Engine is the optimum design for driving enjoyment. The pistons face away from each other in a 180º symmetrical layout around the crankshaft and work to balance out each other’s vibrations, delivering a smooth, shudder-free feel. This is because the engine can rotate freely at any given speed, delivering heart-gripping response to the driver. The length and height of this engine layout can be kept shorter than a traditional in-line engine, and it is also lighter. The engine can be mounted lower in the vehicle than other engines, and weight balance on the left and right can be made almost exactly the same. In this design, the low centre of gravity engine lowers the centre of gravity of the entire car. Similarly, a symmetrically balanced engine increases the symmetrical balance of the entire car. Both of these aspects combine to deliver a safer, more stable, and ultimately, more enjoyable experience on the road.

VIDEO: Benefits of Boxer motors

> VIDEO: Benefits of Boxer motors


Even in pouring rain, whether on the highway or on a winding local road, on gravel roads or mud tracks, in an Outback you feel safe. Whatever the road conditions, you feel a firm grip of the tires and effortless handling. You and your passengers feel kept secure. In extreme as well as every day situations, the symmetrical all wheel drive (Symmetrical AWD) in connection with additional Subaru technologies relates an exceedingly calming sensation.


Increased Stability

Because the engine block has a flatter profile and sits lower in the chassis, the overall vehicle is more stably balanced and resistant to side-to-side motion than other designs.

Less vibration

With its 180° cylinder angle the SUBARU BOXER engine runs with extremely low vibration, because the opposed pistons of the two rows of cylinders perfectly equalize their inertia forces – which is not the case in any other row or V engine. The result is effortless response over the whole RPM range coupled with distinctive running smoothness.

More grip and traction

The superiority of all wheel drive compared to front and back wheel drive is obvious, above all in corners. You can feel the car developing grip and traction on all four wheels. There is no disruptive under or over steering, like the kind that can lead to instable conditions in cars with only two powered wheels.

Information on fuel consumption and CO2 emissions in accordance with Directive 1999/94 / EC


WRX STI 2.5 Comfort: fuel consumption in l / 100 km in town: 14; on the highway: 8.4; Combined: 10.4; CO2 emissions in g / km combined: 242; Efficiency class: G
WRX STI 2.5 Premium: fuel consumption in l / 100 km in town: 14; on the highway: 8.4; Combined: 10.4; CO2 emissions in g / km combined: 242; Efficiency class: G